Diamond Diesel Fuel Polishing

Lab Analysis - Marine

An in-depth lab analysis can be done to identify cetane index, unidentifiable particulate or sludge contamination, acid number, flash point or extended storage ability.

Recently we pulled  fuel samples from tanks in an offshore 55 and found a black sludge like contaminant with a particular smell. Lab Analysis concluded the contamination was WASTE OIL. The results of an unscrupulous vendor disposing waste oil (from a recent oil change) into the  owners tanks. This is not an unheard of situation. Our mobile polishing system removed the contamination, saving the owner the cost and aggravation of removing over 1000 gallons of fuel.


Biodiesel is now present in all diesel fuel being unloaded in port Everglades fuel depot.
Refineries can now add up to 20% biodiesel.

Biodiesel and water do not mix. The result is a gelatin like substance that coats your filter elements and causes a mechanical shutdown.

The water seperates and falls to the bottom of your fuel/water seperator,
while the biodiesel combines with water molecules and is seen as globul