Diamond Diesel Fuel Polishing

Polishing Frequency - Marine

In general, fuel should only need to be polished when contamination and symptoms are evident. Small amounts of water can easily be removed from your on-board fuel/water separator - remember to check the bowl frequently. Especially after taking on a load of fuel as water can enter anywhere along the distribution line. Poor or minimal maintenance at fuel stations can allow substantial amounts of water to enter the tanks.

Remember, it only takes a few ounces of water to fill the bowl of the fuel/water separator and if the separator does it’s job, water reaching the check valve will stop the flow of fuel and cause a mechanical shutdown.

Recently, we had a vessel take on a load of fuel in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, the storage tank was old and had allowed ground water to seep into the tank. Shortly after refueling, the boat suffered a mechanical problem. The fuel/water separators were old and had not been rebuilt. As a result, the water passed through the check valve and entered the fuel lines causing two injectors to break; an expensive repair away from home port.